Mechanised agricultural services

3 New Holland grape harvester machines are available helping us not only in the harvesting of our own areas, but also to perform harvesting wagework as required in the entire territory of the country. When planning to order, please call our Kecel headquarter in advance.

Laboratory services

Our laboratory, performing analytical examinations in compliance with the applicable standards satisfying the needs of the factory farms, is situated in Kecel. We undertake to examine the various samples sent to us by the local producers and agriculturers as well to facilitate the production of quality wines.

Examination to be requested Gross price (HUF) / sample
Determining the reducing sugar content 700
Determining the glycose + fructose content 700
Determining the titratable acid content 400
Determining the free sulphur content 400
Determining the total sulphur content 400
Determining the alcohol content 800
Determining the total extract content 900
Determining the essential acid content by distillation 700
Determining the acetic acid content 700
Determining the total iron content 1.000
Determining the pH value 900
Purifying test 900
Stability test 1.000
Trial harvest (grape juice grade, sugar, acid, pH) 1.200

When planning to order labor tests, please contact our Kecel premise in advance.

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