FÜRT-TRADE Kft. is a winery of special importance in the Szekszárd and Kunság wine-growing regions manifesting itself not only in the quantity of the wine-grape of own production but also in its role as integrator within the region.

The own production area of 270 ha of the company produces a significant part of the entire wine production of the said areas; in addition, the company buys up the wine-grape constituting the base material for the production from an area of approximately 1000 ha from more and 800 producers. Our company is committed to help the work of the local producers; when conciliating the time of the grape harvest, the buying-up prices and the condition of the plants, we are in continuous contact with our suppliers. After all, the quality grape harvest is of special importance not only for the producers, but also for the buyers, as it determines both the quality of the wine produced and the reputation of the wine-growing region.

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